Get rid of your Danglish

Get rid of your Danglish

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Do you need to write English, but just can't seem to shake off your "Danglish"? If so, this seminar is perfect for you. We'll look at many of the typical mistakes that Danish speakers make in their daily communications in English. The goal is to put you on the track to achieving clear, concise and mistake-free English.

Target audience and requirements

This course is meant for anyone who works regularly with English in the course of their daily work. We will help you bring your English up to the next level and improve your international communication skills. The course addresses writing and translating letters, brochures, newsletters, website text, technical documents, business plans, and more. This is not a beginner's course, so you should have a good grasp of English grammar and reasonable range of vocabulary.

Course content

We will review a variety of topics that illustrate the typical mistakes that Danes make. You will be challenged with practical exercises throughout the day and you'll receive instant feedback. There will also be time to address your own particular challenges and problems. Our aim is to give you many valuable tips that will help you to write to a high level - and great ideas that you can use to continue your progress in the future.


After the course, you will have better knowledge of the common errors that Danes make when writing and speaking English - and how you can avoid them. You will be better equipped to communicate clearly and effectively with your international contacts.


You will receive teaching material on this course.

Food and refreshments

Meals will be provided throughout the day, beginning with morning coffee and bread rolls at 8.30. The course starts at 9.00 and finishes at 16.00.

08.30: Coffee with rolls

09.00: Written English for Danes

We start the day by looking at how to eliminate common Danish mistakes to make your English sound native. You'll be challenged with hands-on exercises and real-life examples of good and bad English to keep you focused and make sure the lessons stick.

We'll work on how to communicate clearly and concisely so your reader understands your message.

12.00: Lunch

13.00: The power of the written word

We begin to look at how to adapt your writing to the right level of formality to suit your reader. Continuing our work with real-life exercises, we investigate how to find the right English tone and style to suit different media.

Whether you're a proficient business English writer or have only learned English at school, this course is the ideal way to take your written English communication to the next level.

16.00: The seminar ends