Joyce Kling

lektor, ph.d., Lunds Universitet

  • Senior Lecturer, Centre for Literature and Languages, Faculty of Humanities, Lund University
  • PhD Applied Linguistics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • EdM Administration, Planning and Social Policy: International Education, Harvard University Graduate School of Education, Cambridge, MA, USA
  • MA TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, Monterey, CA, USA
 Specialist areas
  • English-medium instruction
  • Foreign and second language acquisition
  • Language assessment
  • Integrating content and language in higher education
  • International classroom
  • Teacher and student cognition
  • Language program administration
Selected recent publications

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Kling, J., Dimova, S., & Molino, A. (2022). EMI teacher cognition: Exploring lecturers' Experiences across Europe. In M. A. Christison, J. Crandall, & D. Christian (Eds.) Research on integrating language and content in diverse contexts. Routledge

Molino, A., Dimova, D., Kling, J., & Larsen, S. (2022). The evolution of EMI research in European higher education. Routledge.

Dimova, S., & Kling, J. (2022). Emerging Assessment Needs and Solutions in EMI in Higher Education. Journal of English-Medium Instruction, 1(2), 137-152.

Kling, J., Larsen, S., & Albrechtsen, D. (2021). Akademisk literacy i Engelsk i et brobygningsperspektiv [Academic literacy in English from a bridge building perspective]. Sprogforum 73.

Lindschouw, J., Albrechtsen, D., Behnke, L., Kling, J., Larsen, S., Morollón Martí, N., Reebirk, C., and Sandberg, A. (2021). Akademisk literacy i Engelsk, Fransk, Spansk og Tysk - et brobygningsperspektiv [Academic literacy in English, French, Spanish and German – a bridge-building perspective]. Sprogforum 73.

Dimova, S., Hultgren, K., & Kling, J. (2021). English as a medium of instruction in Danish higher education: From critical to constructive conceptualisations. In R. Gabriëls & R. Wilkinson (Eds.), The Englishization of higher education in Europe, (pp. 143-162). Amsterdam University Press.

Kling, J. (2021). Enhancing reflective processes for teaching and learning in the international classroom. In J. Gregersen-Hermans & K. M. Lauridsen (Eds.), Enhancing International Programmes in Higher Education – An Educational Development Perspective, (pp. 107-120). Routledge. ISBN 9780367361952.

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